About Us

We aspire to be a part of every Indian home. That’s why, we build products that celebrate the diversity of India. We build products that celebrate you. We talk to you, understand your requirements and then design solutions. Crafted with care, we deliver our innovative products, at the best prices, to ease your everyday living. And that’s a promise we always deliver on.

What you are buying at DreamBucket are truly unique and limited stock products. By unique, we are referring to the specially curated and unique products from all over the world. These are the latest products that are listed to be bought once as they are not available on any other online platform in India. They're selected and delivered with the heart and soul of our team that applied all their research and knowledge to bring you the best products combined with the best online shopping experience in India even for the bestseller products present in the international market.
Being host to a wide array of treasure trove items including – Health & fitness, home improvement, personal care and more. We would like to redefine your online shopping experience with our unmatched support, unique features and express delivery system, a user-friendly interface that will guide you through all the amazing benefits of your selection process. Comprehensive details, unique features, real-time product quantity, product information and high-resolution images will help you in making your buying decision quick and hassle-free. We also offer you the freedom to choose your payment option (be it regular or express delivery) and delivery options (prepaid or cash-on-delivery).

Our product development cycle takes 60-90 days from ideation to launch, to ensure that your customer experience is unique and unmatched. A simple 3 step cycle: Input - Development - Refine & Launch

   We identify your needs as a customer via channel and product review insights.  We combine these insights with a market attractiveness check that involves studying the category size, competition mapping, etc.
  We test the value proposition by conducting a test launch of the newly designed product and refine the design and positioning based on the feedback collected.    We combine these insights with a market attractiveness check that involves studying the category size, competition mapping, etc.
   We then conduct a pre-launch quality testing to bring to you a product that greatly benefits you.    Once we are satisfied with the results, the product is launched for you to buy, order and use. We continuously collect and analyse the feedback, improving every product to better serve you.